As things are changing we find ourselves trying to fit education in the new normal and it could be definitely challenging! 

Adapting to distance learning last spring was no joke! Now teachers everywhere are preparing for At-Home-Learning once again, and although things are changing fast, building a brand new library of quality resources could be expensive and very time consuming.

To make things easier for you, a group of educators including Mi Salón Bilingüe put together a compilation of FREE distance learning resources in SPANISH. Yesssss! All yours! 

We have included 27 resources for elementary....

And more than 25 products for Secondary...

Click in the pictures above to access these products!!! Once you download from TPT, it will take you to Google Drive so make sure you have an account or the app in your phone.

Check out the FREE product that Mi Salón Bilingüe is featuring in the 2020 Spanish Resource Library:

Stay tuned! More FREEBIES and GIVEAWAYS are coming soon! 

Share the news on Social Media to let all the bilingual and Spanish teachers out there know of this event. Follow my email list, Facebook, TPT store or this blog to never miss freebies like this. I hope you enjoy!! 

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