No matter what grade you teach, how many years you have been teaching or where do you teach; starting a new school year could always be nerve-wracking! Do you agree? Not even all experience in the world can stop that feeling. So here is a list of powerful ideas to get  you started with the right foot:


It is important that we as teachers disconnect and find some tranquility after work. Summers and breaks are a great way to do it but it's important that we rest during school days as well. These days, being a teacher is VERY demanding and we wear a tremendous amount of hats; as soon as we enter the school building we become parents, psychologists, counselors, referees, feeders, suppliers, oh and teachers too ha! We give attention to so many people all day that sometimes it's just plain hard to leave all that in your classroom. So that's why it is important that you find a relaxing place or a comforting hobby to give attention to yourself on a daily or at least weekly basis.


Yes the mountain is high... but the view will be gorgeous! There will be problems, multiple tasks, paper work, grades and so much more. It will be easy to become unmotivated if you don't keep your inner greatness together. Try to find solutions, not problems. Remember to breath and take one day at a time! Try not to take your stress on other people, don't point fingers or blame someone else about your struggles. This will create a very negative atmosphere around you. Instead, get yourself a planner and try to distribute your load and prioritize your tasks throughout the week. Don't waste your time focusing on other people, focus on yourself and remember: keep your goal [the gorgeous view] in mind!


Planning for your lessons will give you so much peace of mind. At first it is hard to get into planning mode, especially if you are a first year teacher; but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier an easier. The reward? Being prepared for the students is a priceless thing! It is very useful to plan with your team although it's not always easy, there will be all kinds of teacher personalities: the veteran, the negative, the very positive, the full of ideas, the not-many-ideas, the overly motivated, the unmotivated, the careless, the my-way-only, etc., but the truth is everybody benefits from sharing ideas and planning together! Be the bigger person and try to find the common ground.


Your team will be like your second family, whether you like it or not. You won't be able to choose who you work with, however you'll see them every day. Learn to know the people you work with, a great way to tackle this [impossible] idea is to eat lunch with your team, not two of them or some of them but ALL of them. This will allow you to know your teammates in a personal and professional level. It is KEY to respect differences and talk about your struggles, reach out for help (and be reachable), share happenings and be receptive, share ideas when you can without criticizing... but no matter what, always LISTEN. Sometimes that's all we need, someone who listens to us, right? it will be appreciated. =) 


As much as "you need to be here on time!" may sound personal, it is better to don't take it to your heart. My mother always told me that we don't go to work to make friends but to actually do our job. This statement stuck in my head... It is so true [although I have to admit that I've made good friends at work, my husband is one of them lol]!. The truth is, in every work environment there is always people who will disagree with your style, your opinion and ALL your ideas; but if you let them affect you, it could be extremely overwhelming. So instead of feeling defeated, like no positive words will ever come out of your mouth again; keep in mind that avoiding negative people and a detaching your personal feelings from a situation or people’s opinions, are two different things. Be confident about yourself, ask questions about their perspective that could lead towards improvement not grudges, and more importantly, remember that what really matters is what you think about your instruction and how you feel about it. Grow and shine my friend!


Lend a hand! Sometimes teachers won't ask for help but when we do, we are really reaching out and are probably out of our comfort zones. Lending 15 minutes of your time won't kill you, so if you see someone in need please be that person who carries the teaching legacy to a good place. You will find out that teachers are very good at returning favors. Occasionally, when I have some time in my hands, I ask my teammates if they need help with anything, it has never hurt anyone.


This could be extremely difficult, especially when there is a fire drill in the middle of your planning session or your unit test; however it is way more challenging to try to control what you can't change. It will wear you out! Come back after the fire drill and make arrangements with your partner teacher or your students, maybe all you need to do is simply give kids extra time to finish what they were doing. 

All in all, being a good teammate matters a lot this days. Bring your best you and be ready to dive your best!  Please share and comment below what other ideas work for you that help you enjoy your school year. 

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